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Our CEO was on the NewsPicks LIVE Talk Show “The UPDATE”

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LIVE Talk Show “The UPDATE”

Special Edition “How to Protect Assets from the Coronavirus”
Full text of DONG Lu’s comments.


Not to mention the Corona Virus, even if the aliens are attacking the earth, we should still hold the Olympic games.

This is not the end of the world, but if this is the end of the world, we should still hold the Olympic Games.


Do you remember the band in the movie Titanic? When the ship was sinking, people were panicking, the 8 men bank were calmly playing music, until the last moment.


Music and sports are luxuries unique to human being, no body dies without them. Animals don’t do them. Same with movies and travel, but why we do those things?


Why do you have the Olympic Games? Do you remember the purpose of it?

According to the home page, “Olympism, the spirit of the Olympic Games advocated by Coubertin, is “The elevation of the mind and soul, overcoming differences between nationalities and cultures, embracing friendship, a sense of solidarity, and fair play; ultimately leading to the contribution towards world peace and the betterment of the world. “


My understanding of the spirit of the Olympic Games is to present the glory of civilization of humanity. The meaning of the Olympic motto,“Faster, Higher and Stronger” is that under difficult situation, people in the world regardless of races, nations and religious get together to challenge each other, respect each other and help each other so that we become better. We take this opportunity to showcase the magnificence of humanity and encourage people around the world. There are ups and downs in life. However, crisis is the moment to show how we as human being to deal with the situation calmly and courageously.


The real sportsmanship is not to brag about one’s capability, nor to make money, but to show one’s talent to the world and how much one can persevere through it. By doing so, people are moved, resonated and think, wow that was wonderful. I want to try my best too!


March 1st, 2020, the Tokyo marathon was held in the middle of the corona virus outbreak. Mr. Osako showed us a wonderful drama of turning the game around. He didn’t get affected by the other runners. He trusted himself, stayed his pace and performed his best. I was crying 1 out of the 2 hours. I was move by his perseverance and his personality. I felt the 2 hours race was a snapshot of his life. I felt he was a bright light in the dark world occupied by the corona virus. “Yes, I am going to try my best! Never give up!” I told myself.

Mr. Osako used his life and action to show people the possibility, give people hope and courage.

I think that’s exactly what sportsmanship about.


I think the corona virus is a test to our humanity.

How do we react when facing a common enemy?

Are we going to act like animals to fight for limited resources? Discriminate each other? Create walls, lock doors and say: Go away, don’t come close to me!

Or, we let the glory of humanity shine, come up first to fight with the enemy with courage?

Shall we help each other, encourage each other, and lend a helping hand to the weak and share our belongings?


What if this is really the end of the world?


I think the mankind has enough wisdom to hold the Olympic Games safely even in the middle of the outbreak of the corona virus, just like we did with the Tokyo marathon. However, I think the most important thing is the essence of the Olympic Games. Our human being, in this critical moment, regardless of our differences, put our best together, fight with our common enemy, show the possibility, give hope and courage to all the people in the world.


No matter when, the most important asset is yourself and your family.


Don’t forget yourself is the most important asset.


It is said that the average of personal financial asset is $100K in Japan. Say a young salary man earns $50K a year and have $50K savings. If he wants to double his savings in 10 years by investment, he needs 8% of annual return. To do this in Japan, it’s not easy. However, if he wants to realize the same return by investing in himself, he could make $100K in 10 years.

Plus, if he loses all of his asset, as long as he has himself as asset, he can potentially earn everything back.


How much do you value 10 years in this capitalistic world?  How can you increase your value as an asset?


It is said that people spend 70% of one’s savings in the last 3 years of life, not on the beach, but in the hospital or hospice care.

Your health is the most important thing to keep the value of the asset from depreciation.

What’s your health condition in 10 years? Do you have goals for your weight, waist and strength? What do you do every day to achieve those goals?


The priority of your investment should always be your knowledge, skills, body and mental health, and relationship with your family. If you still have spare time and energy, then stock and bonds.


You are the only one to protect yourself, not your country, your company, your insurance policy nor your financial investments.


The virus may stop us from moving freely and meeting our loved ones, but it can’t stop us from caring each other and improve ourselves every day.

The virus may take the lives from some of us, but it can’t stop the ones that survived from getting stronger and fight back.

The virus may impose fear among us, but it can’t stop the light of hope and courage from inside of us.


The best defense is offense, let’s fight back instead of fear.

Let’s take our world back from the virus!




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